Melbourne Stonemasons Stone Construction - Natural Dry Stone Walling

Achieve the timeless appeal of rustic dry stone walling

Melbourne Stonemasons provide a range of stonework. Some examples of our dry stone walling are below:

Driveway Entrance Pillars - Dry Stone Style

Dry stacked fireplace done with Mt Angus stone from maffra

The rock pile before we started the chimney

Stone Letterbox Pillar - Dry Stone Style


Rock letterbox in dry stone style

Rock retaining wall with steps in dry stone walling style 

Suburban rock wall with letterbox


This rockwork was sourced from local fields!

And turned into a beautiful stone feature entranceway!

Completed stonework entranceway!

Completed stonework entranceway!

Completed stonework entranceway!

Work done!

Modern dry stone walling using brickies mud support


Traditional dry stone walling without brickies mud, laid with crushed rock and granite rock only!

Rustic dry stone walling

Pink granite from Bairnsdale - Dry Stacked rock retaining wall

Castlemaine Rockwork Seat

Rock retaining wall

Rock strip footing on a concrete base - garden edging - $100/meter (plus GST) Includes materials and labour.

Trafalgar Rock Entrance Pillars


Trafalgar Rock Entrance Pillar - close up


Dry Stacked Castlemaine Rock


Front wall with letterbox


Staircase - Work in Progress



Verandah retaining wall.  Work in progress