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At Melbourne Stonemasons we specialise in rock walls and rock stairs. By looking at your taste, colour choice, straight lines and curves, we can combine your ideas with our experience. Together we can grow your outdoor rockwork project. We know if a contrast will work or a blend would be better. We can also determine if the space available will fit your idea and whether the area needs to be softened with plants or render.

We turn messy corners into tranquil retreats.


Our Melbourne rockwork pricing is available below:

  • Sandstone paving labour only - $140
  • Drystacked rockwork per meter per face labour only - $550 
  • Jointed rockwork per meter per face labour only - $430 
  • Bluestone pitchers $350 per face meter
  • Bluestone in a ashla pattern per meter per face labour only - $380
  • Crazy paving and cladding pattern per meter per face labour only - $250. Walls above 2m high: increase price $50 per meter
  • Concrete footings 450 x 350 1 layer of trench mesh 25mpa supply labour and materials per linear meter price depending on conditions -$220 
  • Sealing $40 per square meter supply labour and materials
  • Any work not mentioned is $95 per hour per man

All prices exclude GST.

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